Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Celebration with k2o

Happy New Year everyone :)
I found such a fabulous and stunning jewelry line to share with you all.
k2o by Karen Ko is a hand-made jewelry for all trendy fashionistas.
I thought jewelry seemed to be the best gift to give oneself to shine through the year of 2011 beautifully.

There are three collections
first of them is Avant Rock: truly chic with some bold edges

ARB1NBG-10 Avant Rock Blade Necklace $110
[this kind of feels like a unisex design, can be matched with any outfit to turn into rock & roll chic]

ARB1S-10 Avant Rock Bracelet $50
[the look is FIERCE! i so want to get two pairs for each arm]

The second line is Diag: very modern and trendy to fit with our desires

D2ESB-10 Diag II Earrings $185
[the look is so shiny and breezy just like the goddess]

D4NSB-10 Diag IV Neck $320
[definitely for the party looks]

DA1NGB-10 Diag Armor $800
[this reminds me of puffy edgy shoulder looks seen from Balmain]

DG1ES2-10 Diag Grid I Earrings $110
[just by the first look i can imagine wearing this with my michael kors light yellow dress]

Last but not least, the third collection is Mod Balls:
so elegant but bold enough to make all the eyes turn to you

MB3NBS-10 Mod Ball III Neck $185
[just like an art, i can't take my eyes off from this necklace]
all image credit to k2o

There are more pieces of course, but these are my picks I thought were so breathlessly beautiful.

for custom orders, you can send email to
if you are a buyer interested in k2o, then send email to

you can shop online at

Here are some questions and answers I received from the press
(Thanks to Jordana Hazan from Untapped PR)
1) What type of materials does she use? Chain metal? What are the stones?, what is the makeup/content of the materials?  Do you have any more details on the pieces?

k2o's current collection is made from a mix of  the following types of materials:
  • Swarovksi Crystallized Elements
  • 14kt Gold Filled
  • Sterling Silver
  • Gold Plate
  • Silver Plate
  • Base Metal
2) Are they produced in NYC?

Every piece is handmade in New York City.

3) When did she start?

Karen Ko started her company, Intersect Designs, in 2007 and launched her first brand, k2o by Karen Ko, in 2010.

4) Finance to fashion? Any special story there?

Karen grew up from a family background in fine jewelry but initially pursued a traditional career path in finance. Feeling unfulfilled in her finance career, Karen decided to take a chance and quit her job to pursue a more creatively fulfilling career. 

She chose jewelry because it was something she was passionate about and familiar with, but decided to focus on fashion jewelry because it was what she loved to wear.

After quitting her job, Karen enrolled at FIT's jewelry design program to sharpen her design skills and developed her own personal style, which has led to the creation of k2o.

5) Does she stay in the same color palette or moving forward?

Moving forward, Karen intends to introduce seasonal colors that compliment the core color theme of k2o (Black, Gold & Silver).
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today's Look: RevitaLash

I've received three products from RevitaLash for reviews.
I've heard a lot of compliments about the eyelash conditioner that makes your eyelashes naturally thicker and longer just like or create more beautiful effect than the false eyelashes do.
Many doubt how much the cosmetic can actually affect on us within a few weeks, so this is where I decided to come into see it for myself.
This post is to let you know that I have begun to use these products starting from today.
Within about a week or two, I'll show you my lashes and write how easy it was to apply, how comfortable I felt, any other dramatic or slow effects...etc.

What I loved most about the RevitaLash:
eyelash conditioner's popularity
the fact that it's helping out so many great causes such as breast cancer foundation
(the company originally started when Dr. Brinkenhoff created the enhancer/conditioner for his wife whose eyelashes were damaged from treatments for her breast cancer.)

Leave me your questions if you have one and I'll answer as best possible (after 1-2 weeks of experience with these products)
It says to use this once a day, one stroke before bedtime.
I have no doubt actually because I already saw many of my close friends saying great things about this product.
I just can't wait until my eyelashes become that full and lightly long like the bird's feathers.
Mine is 4.10 mL/ 0.139 Fl. Oz. MSRP $150
Other option is 2.40 mL / 0.081 Fl. Oz. MSRP $98
I recommend the 4.10 mL one for long lasting effects.

package came with had all the products info, testimonials, company's philanthropy, mission and values to help me with writing.

I'm satisfied with my brows but I want them to appear a little bit fuller. So I think this is a great find for me and for people who want healthier and more polished look by having a thicker brows.
3.0 mL/ 0.101 Fl. Oz. MSRP $110

I've used this today real quick just about two or three coats in rush.
There are two options in color but I loved my raven. (other is espresso)
Some mascaras (I won't say the name) have strong smells that make you feel sick with strong scent or some  are just like rotten eggs for who knows why.
This one was normal and I didn't feel hardness that some of the mascaras do to make my eyes feel uncomfortable and like getting poked by an edgy object.
The brush feel was very soft and the color was thick and making my eyes look deeper in color.
The products page recommended me to use it along with revitalash and I'll see my eyelashes getting the best result :)
7.39 mL/ 0.25 Fl. Oz. MSRP $24

Sorry if you can't see my lashes very well. I wanted to show you from these pictures that this mascara's color was just about right in between of fullness and in lengthening.
With the use of curler, you'll probably see better lifts too.

Ask lots of questions in my comments if you want to see my results before you get them on your hands by purchasing at

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year Preparation Pt. 1

How was your holiday? :) Hope all you had a good one.
Mine was fulfilled with warmness surrounded by my greatest supporters, with family
[Burberry teddy bears]
In a week, we are going to face 2011 with a fresh start & hopeful mind

I was going to write down my new year resolutions and all but stopped
because I like my life going through a road that is unexpectedly fun

These are quite old pictures, I think it was around Summer where I visited one of the restaurant because my cousin had a one day experience as a chef there for a program called "Chef's Kiss". He and 6 other members made us tuna steak (that heart shaped is raw fish specially served to my aunt, uncle and I.)

Along the pictures I would like to share today, I found this.
I love fried rice. I like the buttery + spicy mix along the salty finish.

[Urban outfitters top, Bvlgari necklace, Tod's cellphone accessory, Tommy Hilfiger bag]
It feels like soon after the cold rush is over, I will face summery hotness again.
I miss my short sleeves, rip-outs and shorts everything that can stand in a little breeze.

My newest addictions of colors from Essie:

True Love $8

Big Spender $8

Looking for love $8

Mint Candy Apple $8

Pretty Edgy $8
[image credit to Essie at ]

Boots is great find that is accepted all around the seasons
so I love Dr. Martens' effortlessly chic looks
Darcie Black + Taupe Pizzo Santa Cruz $130.00

Cashlin 3ORAL Dalila $120.00

Stella White + Hot Pink Softy T + Koram Flash 130 -> $90.00

1461 Black Whitney 110 -> $75
[all photos credit to Dr. Martens at ]

Only few months left to enjoy a little chill with Tory Burch

Small Bev Bag $365.00 I love quilted nylon bags just like my Chanel. It's very trendy and comfortable.
Norah Laptop Case $195.00


Mirrored Crinkle E-Tablet Case $175.00 (for my ipad!!!)

Pom Pom Hat $198.00 [100% rabbit fur]

Sequin Scarf $275.00

Oversized Rounded Sunglasses with Metal T-hinge $165.00

Halima Suede Bootie $450 -> $315.00


Dayton Messenger 550 -> $368.00
[all photo credit goes to Tory Burch at ]

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[A.LAND top, Vans sunnies]


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