Tuesday, August 30, 2011

singles magazine celebrating 7th anniversary

Singles magazine is one of the Korean magazine that I monthly grab for
focuses on fashion, beauty, love, lifestyle
it celebrates now 7th anniversary!

to celebrate the date and also to help out those people in needs
it held a charity event during August 23rd to 28th

all profits from this event will go to help out
Vietnamese kids in rural areas
the amazing thing about the event was that
many brands donated the products to be sold in 50% reduced price
(and they are new and available in almost every sizes for men & women!)
so mostly the prices ranged from

I couldn't take the picture of the shoes then because there were quite a few people
trying on shoes and asking for the sizes and stuffs
was quite crowded in the shoes display room
so I'll describe in words
they had long boots from bearpaw (which I so wanted to get of course!),
many sneakers and slip-ons from Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess,
Levi's and etc.
they had all kinds of casual shoes for daily walks

this event was held in a gallery in Seoul (capital of S. Korea)
and now it's coming down on the 5th in Busan
(city where my family lives with along the beaches)
I can't wait to visit this exhibition in Busan again!
then I'll show you more photos of the close-up shoes if possible

the exhibition takes you to the photos of male celebrities'
poses without shoes on

slideshow-video room

I can feel the message to show to young kids and for all people
"to stay true within yourself
and follow big passion of your life just like they did to achieve their dreams"

ticket was free to be downloaded at their official web

originally went because I was one of those who got
the barefoot exhibition photobook

this is the photobook I received
had all 50 celebrities' photos

dress F21
shoes ZARA
sunglasses BULGARI

I'm always grabbing for sweets these days
and blueberry macarons are perfect options w/o failure

also love honey bread w/ cinnamon on whipped cream
I got watermelon blend to try
(special summer drinks from Caffe Bene)
tasted really sweet
now I should stop with this sugary cravings and grab some Americano's now

Monday, August 29, 2011

Urban Space bloggers meet-up

daily morning looks like this
cup of Starbucks brewed in LeCreuset
while checking up on emails to start up new day/week fresh & fully woken up

new nails done with CND products

final look
just painted french and had put rhinestones on the line areas
so to not show my messy painting skill +
dotted with cotton swab to look like as if it's a flower painting

last week was pretty busy with bloggers' meet up @Urban_Space
& other duties
Urban Space hosted a brunch at Mui Mui
where it is a restaurant on the first floor and second floor is
outdoor garden for some beer/night dish

after that we grabbed Coffee Bean's
(I got ultimate vanilla ice blend)
and went to Urban Space for the evo presentation

salad w/ salmon

I ordered tortilla brunch ($15)

you'll be familiar with evo
if you saw this post before

evo represents
truth + beauty + justice

it doesn't exaggerate but wants to show the truth
the products that REALLY works
the brand says that your hair is like your lover
it constantly needs your love and care 24/7
and it is also eco-friendly brand just like all other brands Urban Space had brought in

we have received:
(it is a light-weighted hair lotion that makes your styling last for a pretty long time
works for all hair types but I recommend it to those who have
weak hairs from constant hair dyes and blow-dry like I am

hold factor is 3/5
shine factor 3/5)
how to use: apply in wet hair from middle to where it ends
(works for all hair types, easy to use hair wax in matte
hold factor is about 2/5 and shine factor is 1/5)
how to use: rub about a nail size of its amount to apply to your hair
for casual styling like its name represents.

received other samples to try such as the shampoos and conditioners too

also received three balms from BIMATCAY
red- miracle balm (use it at irritated skin such as when you get mosquito bites
and or when you have cold, or have sore bruised arms and you need a great massage)

blue- skin balm (moisturizer & great for sunburnt skin as a soothing balm. I used it at night before sleep just like sleeping masque
and it wasn't sticky in the morning but left me with glowing skin)

green- hand balm -my mom had put it in her purse already! ;)

pink- lip balm I definitely want to purchase it next time
looking at the other three balms I know for sure that I can trust this brand!

take a look at what I wore
dress H&M
sunglasses BVLGARI

& photos I took with my favorite Korean bloggers
we are all Urban Space supporters
or how we like to get called "Urban Girls" :)

I really love natural shots like this one

this photo is taken with Tara Taehee Kim's phone
(she is the online marketing representer of Urban Space & Hankook Cosmetics Co.)

from left to right:

click to enlarge
photo taken with Costrama's camera

We all loved this photo too much
seriously I felt like we were doing a photoshoot for the magazine interview

thank you Urban Space!

Friday, August 19, 2011

mini-vacation over the weekend & new feature in Ceci Korea :)

does this photo look familiar?
yes it was seen in this outfit post here

better resolution photo will be updated shortly (or in feature column on the right)
but as of right now
take a look at my quick scan took with my galaxy s phone
of my new feature in Ceci magazine in Korea
(check out twitter @cecikorea for more daily readings)

i took this photo @BEXCO

basically they asked for biker's must have beauty item
and I recommended other items too
but due to the editing process I guess they picked one of my favorites of
benefit's porefessional

it's great for oily skin
I apply it under, over or without makeup on
because I get oily T zones during the afternoon at around 3-4 PM

I'm going on a mini-vacation with my family to Hilton resorts at Namhae
(click here to see how it looks like)
It's a golf & spa resorts

can't wait to take tons of photos of the view and my delayed outfit posts ;)
until then happy weekend to everyone
and I'll be able to update my twitter and comments since I have my phone with me
so keep on showing your love/supports thanks!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

take a zoom in: June Jacobs foot mist, Portmans + color-block dress

I exfoliate my skin once a week
(I use CND marine scrub for foot)
& after all the tired walks and non-stop movements
I finish by spraying this peach, milky foot mist from June Jacobs :)

it smells little bit peppermint so it feels heavenly delicious + fresh minty at the same time

Over the weekend I was walking around in hand holding this mist
and sprayed on all my family members' feet
they all loved how the mist appeared so smooth and shiny when applied

thanks to Urban Space for always holding amazing twitter events!

the weather is so great today
feels perfectly warm
took it at the sky park from Shinsegae department store (Centumcity)

like my color-blocked dress?
(click to enlarge photos
for better resolution)

paired it with along

Gucci bag
Louis Vuitton pumps
Accessorize earrings
Bvlgari sunglasses

the back


look at the cosmos
(prepared for autumn already?)

talking about autumn
can't wait for this f/w 11
take a look at these awesome pieces from Portmans
so cozy, comfy chic
perfect for metropolitan girls!

photos credit to & shop available @


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