Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Interview with Pray for Paris

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Looking at your items makes me feel like going through fashion files at the moment.
They're such fun designs! How did you begin launching Pray for Paris?

Pray for Paris began 6 months ago.
I started it by designing a few t-shirts and then getting them printed
and my friends really liked them so I designed more and it grew from there.

To captivate an audience, what kind of marketing strategy did you use?

Blog is our main source of marketing.
We work with a lot of very famous bloggers in return for them showing off our products.

How do you stay truly unique? Do you push yourself to get inspired and gets
to work all the time?

I just let inspiration come naturally, I don't set deadlines for myself.
If I get 4 ideas in one week, I might get a single one in 3 months after that.

A t-shirt can be worn in so many ways. But I think you'll have a favorite way to wear a tee with?

I love wearing my t-shirts with a fitted blazer and a pair of jeans.

What's your number one passion in life?

My number one passion in life is to expand my fashion brand and to grow
and fluorish into more sectors of the industry.

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