Sunday, April 20, 2014

Interview with Avoce

My loyal readers & even the recent followers probably know that it is rare to find my outfit shots without my sunglasses.
So I guess it won't be a surprise for you to find out that I instantly fell in love with an eyewear brand Avoce.
This is how I got started with a mini-interview with Avoce founder.
Hope you enjoy it! :)
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How did it all begin for Avoce? Are you interested in other fashionable accessories, furniture, kitchenware or other range to expand the line as well?

It all started when my fiancée, then girlfriend, was told by her optometrist to cut down on wearing contacts for long stretches of time to improve her health of her eyes. She wasn’t keen on wearing her old glasses and many of the reasonable price options were not as feminine or modern in design as she would have liked.

Recognizing that many women weren’t satisfied with current options, we set out to create a brand that both enables and dares women to express themselves through eyewear – at a price that makes it possible to buy several styles for the cost of a single pair at an optical boutique.

Right now we’re just focused on bringing affordable, high quality glasses that function as an accessory and not just a tool to see well. If the opportunity presents itself, we'll explore expanding into different categories. 

If you were to describe Avoce in just three words, what would they be?

Chic, feminine, fun. These are at the core of Avoce’s eyeglasses and sunglasses. Fashion is about having the confidence to share your personality with the world. It should be fun. So we designed our stylish glasses exclusively for women to see, look and feel great.

I am a sunglasses collector myself, so I am always excited to find such various designs in affordable price range. Do you offer international shipping? Where can customers buy your collection?

Avoce polarized sunglasses and prescription sunglasses are available exclusively on our website (as well as our prescription eyeglasses). We ship free anywhere in the continental US but can certainly ship internationally too, just email us and we’ll make it happen!

Is there an eyewear shape that looks good on just anyone? Can you recommend first piece to those who have hard time choosing the design?

 We have a face shape guide that can help with specifics (click here for guide) but in general you want to create contrast.
So if you have a round face, do not wear round frames, for example.
But to answer your specific question, sunglasses are more forgiving than eyeglasses since they tend to take more risks with design as they are a fashion accessory.

Cat eye frames are hot right now and look great on almost any women.
In fact these cat eye sunglasses are some of our most popular frames for exactly that reason.

Lastly, message to readers @pinklemonincrystal?

Eyewear is an expression of your fashion sense and personality that should complement your personal style. Whether it’s sunglasses, eyeglasses, or fashion glasses that don’t have a prescription, glasses are an accessory.

For that reason we created our own brand of affordable eyewear with all inclusive pricing. $99 includes the frame, prescription lenses, 100% UV protection and value-add coatings (anti-reflective & anti-scratch), which can cost over $300 in stores.
Glasses shouldn’t cost that much!

Use code PINK10 during checkout
to get 10% off any pair of glasses (limit 2)
from now until 4/30!
*all photos credit to & special thanks to Raphael DeSouza from


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