Sunday, May 27, 2012

what I admire

outfit details

TED ROSSI bracelet
mom made pearl necklace
H&M chiffon dress
BEBE heels

wearing my favorite sunglasses at the moment
Anna-Karin Karlsson's Rose et la Mer in Turquoise :)
seriously can't stop myself wearing this everyday
and also love the fact how the case looks like a perfect evening clutch!

요즘 푹 빠진 안나카린칼슨의 썬글라스에요
곧 한국에서의 론칭을 앞두고 있는데
케이스가 꼭 클러치 같지 않나요? *^^*

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

colorful dresses

outfit details

bulgari sunglasses
h&m dress
tod's sandals
lovcat (c/o firstlook) bag
qua blazer

it's school festival season these days
and the weather's treating us nice in return
super hot and also very humid
but loving the fact that I can wear all bright items and unique sunnies
& no one will think it's a strange look ;)
well... some might still but I dress up in however I want!
for more photos
don't forget to follow me at instagram @pinklemonincrystal

학교축제기간을 맞아 요즘 날씨가 너무 좋아요
그래서 어떤 컬러풀한 아이템을 입어도
시즌에 맞아 보이는 거 같아서
(어떤 때는 조금...튈지도 하지만 전 제가 입고 싶은대로!)
기분이 좋습니다 ㅎ
인스타그램 쓰시는 분들 있으시다면
pinklemonincrystal 을 팔로해주세용!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

grand apple & Isaiah Garza interview

met up with my friends Michael & Youlia (from )
for some catch-ups and went to my favorite buffet at the moment called Grand Apple

친한 친구 마이클과 율랴언니와 오랫만에 만나
그동안 밀렸던 얘기들도 하고 요즘 제일 좋아하는 부페
그랜드 애플 다녀왔어요~

grand apple is located in Hanssem flagship store in Busan, CentumCity

그랜드애플은 센텀시티점 한샘에 위치되어 있습니다

my outfit details

H&M hat, dress
LOVCAT (c/o firstlook) bag
CHANEL wedge heels

& here is the interview in English for Isaiah Garza
(seen in 1stlook blog here: )

한글 인터뷰는 퍼스트룩 공식 블로그에서 확인하실수 있습니다!

we would love to hear about how the launching of the brand began

Well I actually first started my "brand" back in 2009 by creating custom gowns for clientele/celebrities.
I first gained my big break when I was in a huge design competition by Cotton Incorporated.
I was competing against top designers who had tons of experience, I had very little experience
at this time and I won. This is when the press started noting that I'm a future talent in the industry.
After doing gowns for quite sometime, I moved into jewelry/accessories because of the economy.
I first created my jewelry line last year and have had amazing reviews since.

Is there a distinctive feature seen in your collection?

It's a lot of bold pieces, skulls, crosses and heavy chains. Feel like it's so appropriate for the industry right now with relevance and a taste of the future.

what kind of image is Isaiah Garza customers?

The Isaiah Garza customer is someone who isn't afraid to express themselves with what they wear.
They don't hold back, they are tastemakers and aren't followers. An Isaiah Garza customer can walk in a room and what they are wearing will probably do enough talking for them.
Most of all they NEVER blend in with the masses!

What do you foresee the trend for this S/S 12?

Definitely a return to grunge I've always just had such an edgy side to me.
I think edgy is so saturated/watered down in the fashion industry right now.
It's hard to dod it right, but I feel like I got a great response and it's a hit.

Last message is do what you want and don't listen to what anybody else says. I got this far by trusting myself
and keeping a focus on the end goal. If you don't plan all the way to the end you can only get
so far. The power of self-belief will make all your dreams come true.

special thanks to & images credit to:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

pinklemonincrystal on instagram

I'm now on instagram as well
(changed my phone to galaxy note pink-pink phones three times in a row haha)
follow me @ pinklemonincrystal :)

1-steff hotdog
2-sequin dress from H&M @Cafe Droptop
3-@ Payard ordered cendrillon, key lime tart and iced milk bubble teas
4- brunch with mom in Versace
5- tea to fight off coldness @ starbucks
6- wafflebant

노트핑크로 바꾸고 나서 이제야 인스타그램을 다운로드 받았어요
pinklemonincrystal 로 팔로해주세용 ^^

and sorry for being MIA for almost two weeks? I think...
I had a midterm week and it's been crazy with everything so the time management didn't work for me well these days
I will upload what I'd been originally planning to by this weekend hopefully!

블로그를 너무 업데이트 못했었죠?
중간고사 기간이랑 다 겹쳐서 시간 맞추기가 너무 어려웠어요
올리려고 했었던 사진들이나 포스팅 이번주말까지 되도록이면! 열심히 올려보겠습니다

here is the English version of Diego Binetti interview for 1stlook magazine's blog
original link at:

How was the brand launched?

For many they are first afraid of going big.
At earlier age I was around fashion observing, playing and admiring my mother working
with her private clients. At age of 15 I took technical classes for draping,
pattern making and hand-machine embroidery at the Institute Donato Delego in Buenos Aires,
Argentina. In 1990 while in fashion school at International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida
I supported myself with my first paid training position designing sneakers at M&R Imports
at age of 19 years old. Upon graduating, I went to Milan for four years seeking for more knowledge,
experiences and I landed in the Instituto Marangonni where I trained myself with high qualities
instructors in draping and pattern making courses.
In 1996, I moved to New York worked for Brana Wolf as assistant stylist for a short period
of time and then landed at Jill Stuart where I worked at the company for five years
until eventually I climb the ladder and became her head designer.
In 2001, the "Binetti" collection was launched and "Love by Diego Binetti" was launched in 2009.
This coming September 2012 we will celebrate our 10th anniversary in the industry.

Diego Binetti collection looks like it portrays feminine sensibility so well.
What kind of image does your brand portray?

The "Binetti collection" is targeted to a customer who is seeking for something new everyday,
a motivation to feel pretty in her dressing with a twist of playfulness, a career
women, a modern mother, a boho-chic that want to be free, romantic and feminine.
The age can target between the 20s to late 50s.

What color palettes are often used in the collection?

The endless hues and palette of the entire world of the rainbow.

For women choosing their outfits, which item should be acted as a base first?
shoes, or dress etc.?

I've learned that you have to fully develop the image in your own attitude that can develop
whatever your mind and attention is at the moment: dresses, shoes, accessories
or lingerie. The key is to find something that stimulates your exotic attraction to feel good right
before you hit the road!

To all my beloved readers: I always had it a clear vision in my childhood to reach out to that blue sky
to believe that nothing is impossible and if you really want differences in life, it's to get up
and do something about it. I envision diego Binetti to be a worldwide brand with a long term
staying power. A solid structure that will comply and be part of the fashion industry
with a successful business, a strong team, investors, planners, leaders, designers, employees
that will be part of our American society and economic system.
I envision a lifestyle...a world!

special thanks to & photos credit to:


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