Saturday, September 29, 2012

take a look at: Richard Nicoll collection

@ electricsekki presentation in Korea

one of my absolute favorite collections was Richard Nicoll
the geometric cut out in the dresses was so sexy in an elegant way
I got to dress up in 2 outfits I chose
take a look at below

리처드니콜 컬렉션은 다 마음에 들었어요
커팅이 조금 드러나는 부분이긴 하지만
고급스럽게 섹시함을 나타나는거같았거든요
2드레스들을 저도 입어보았습니다

what do you think of these dresses? :)

thanks to photographer Jieun from & KK from electricsekki

for more collection photos

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Something else 2013 S/S Collection

loved this mermaid like sparkly tops

반짝이는 이 탑은 약간 인어 머메이드를 연상시키지 않나요?

@ electricsekki presentation in Seoul, S. Korea

this time I wanted to show you the collection from
Something else by Natalie Wood

as you can see you can expect
lots of cut-outs, see-throughs and mix of colors in a beautiful mystical hues

as always Something Else is showing us more than we can just find in our environment
as if it's telling us that we have to be closely observant to the surroundings
to find out more beneath that beauty

simply amazing

special thanks to KK from electricsekki

이번 electricsekki 프레젠테이션때 만나본 브랜드중 하나인
Something Else 입니다
2013 신상들에서는 컷아웃, 씨스루, 그리고 오묘하게 섞인 신비로운 색감들이
눈에 띄는데요

이 컬렉션은 항상 그래왔던 것처럼 뻔하지만은 않은
웨어러블하면서도 항상 더 깊은 아름다움을 찾아내게끔 도와주는
그런 썸띵 엘스를 찾기위한 이름 그대로의 브랜드인거같아요
공식 사이트에서 더많은 캠페인 사진과 쇼핑을 즐기실 수 있습니다 ^^

Sunday, September 2, 2012

unique eyewear

location: Paradise Hotel in Busan, S. Korea

outfit details

H&M belt and bag
QUA dress


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