Tuesday, May 5, 2015

a huge feast

I recommend The Shilla Seoul to everyone I know who comes to Korea for vacay or business trips
for its sophisticated-meet-traditional design.
Today I wanted to visually take you to LaYeon (Korean restaurant located on the 23rd floor).
It's right across from the French Restaurant, for more inquiries check out the official web at http://www.shilla.net/seoul/dining/viewDining.do?contId=KRN#ad-image-0

This is SHILLA course from dinner. (210,000 Korean won / person)
I especially loved the sweet bite of jujubes from appetizing nibbles

view of the N Tower


welcome dish

platter of nine delicacies
if you are new to this (I know probably most of you are)
think of it as like making your own veggie rolls + Korean beef

seafood terrine

nutritious pine nut porridge
pine nut has so many benefits: it's good for maintaining healthy hair and skin, when you have cold,
also prevent heart disease and strengthen your lungs

beef glutinous rice roll

royal hot pot
(I forgot the exact price, but I heard this pot is the most expensive pot they serve in at the restaurant.
probably costs some grands!)


Char-grilled Korean Beef Sirloin
(other options you can choose from are "Braised Korean Beef Ribs" or "Thin slices of premium Korean Beef Marinated in Soy Sauce" )

Hot Pot Rice with Vegetables and Abalone
(other options you have are "mixed rice with Korean beef tartare" or "chilled buckwheat noodles" or "Short Rib Soup with Abalone")
* La Yeon doesn't use artificial sauce/ingredients, so you can best experience the natural healthy taste of Korean dish *

you can't skip the dessert of course
Korean Tea and Refreshments
(this day I got the sweet red bean paste, sherbet like icecream, and sweet cinnamon punch)

almost two hours passed and this nightview welcomed me
I highly recommend this hotel and restaurant to those who visit South Korea in the near future
hope you enjoyed this post! :)


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