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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Party Dreams

Maybe it's a blogger thing, that we are always looking for new ideas, places and pretty locations to shoot for blog posts,...etc.
or it's just a way to make a proper excuse to gather up with close friends
anyways I'm looking for some party themes
keeping it casual and all.. so I found Paperless Post to make perfect invitation cards.
There are tons of options here and the best thing is that you can customize each cards, but always make sure to check the pricing first.
(There are some free cards as well!)
 I noticed 'Book Club Party' cards since I'm an English Literature major and thought it was fun if I had this book reading party back in those days haha


This burger card is perfect for this newly opened terrace pub I found, which also has brunch options.
I'll share the stories in the upcoming post!


After choosing the location and cards to send out, the next thing I worry about is floral arrangement.
I'm not an expert but I try to make pretty centerpieces and bouquets whenever I get a chance to learn from florists at one-to-one or group lessons.
Here are some of my works:

I know I was thinking of brunch party themes,
but I can't miss an opportunity to decide what's for tea next.
I recently learned how to make 'white bean paste flower rice cakes'.
In my case, it takes hours and hours to make roses with different colors and mini cakes for each participants, but aren't they so pretty? :)

These pastel colors are made with Wilton icing colors,
and the below are all made with natural ingredients colors from sweet potatoes, prickly pear and cape jasmine

Searching for brunch or afternoon tea places = done
The next is pick the outfit & cute accessories for insta shots of course.

cafe Dior

rolling pin
Do you have any party plans for upcoming weekend or such?
Feel free to share with me your stories in the comments below! :-)


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