Sunday, March 25, 2012

Interview with Compania Fantastica

totally love this polkadot trouser
I could wear it to school, shopping with friends, movies everywhere!

this time I did an interview with amazing Compania Fantastica team,
for original post check out here:

How did the compania fantastica born? It must have been a very hard work
and lots of efforts, time put into it.

Companiafantastica was born 3 years ago. It was Mini and Jaime (brother and sister)
who started the offer in terms of fashion that Madrid had was weak and many people could not
find cool alternatives to dress up.
We wanted to display cool urban fashion but at what we called it really affordable prices.
Later press refer to us as "Chic and Cheap" we definitely have shown that fashion is not a luxury.
Nowadays, Compania Fantastica is being sold in more than 20 countries from
Japan to USA, Holland, Germany, Italy , France, Portugal...etc.

The chicest part of the brand would be?

The naive and retro touch of all our designs and the versatility of them which makes you can wear
them either to go to work with flats and simple accessories or with heels and more
special complements to go out at night.
Always cool.

So you said that the collection is very price-efficient, right?

This is one of our main objectives and I am sure one of our strong points.
We make fashion stylish but simple and proof of it is that
Compania Fantastica has spread in the last 2 years and now more than
250 shops are carrying our brand!

If one wants to travel for this spring break, what three pieces would you recommend?

Kill All Artists T-Shirt with Dotty Trousers (casual outfit),
Three Tone Dress (daily outfit),
& Romantic Dress (night outfit)

Compania Fantastica surely seems to have a ton of chic options.
Last message to readers?

Make it cool but make it simple.
Stylish borns inside!!!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

interview with Sete Di Jaipur

original post for 1stlook: 

Your brand features luxurious look. What image does your brand portray?

We have developed a smooth image of refined prints and embroideries, using colors
as our peculiar skill. Sensations of faraway lands and sophisticated charm in order to stress
femininity, combined with natural precious fabrics.

The lookbooks were so exotic and exquisite. How does it proceed to style it up?

The lookbook represent our actual communication message, that is expressed in the beginning by
the collection. We are NOT importers of Eastern items, but we are an Italian company which styling
pool turns other countries' visual icons into an Italian collection.
The lookbooks are shot in Turin, choosing ancient royal palaces or eclectic
furnished flats so to underline our Italian and Turin appartenance.

If one is looking for never-take-off-accessory, what would you recommend?

Embroidered silk/pashmina stole in winter,
printed + embroided silk haboutai scarf in spring.

What are some color choices often used for Sete Di Jaipur?

Bright colors are preferred ones.
Green, red, yellow, fuchsia are always used in every collection.

Can you give us any styling tips as a fashion teacher?

Easy and soft clothes in natural fibers are always giving psychogical & physical comfort.
Mix fancy items as tops or kurtas together with plain color pants and dust coat.
Never forget a scarf as a crown for the face, to underline your personal touch.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

interview with Barbara Campbell

How do you create accessible collection?

My collections are usually inspired by the environment around me.
I started in the mountains of Vermont, lush and green, and then the beaches of Montauk,
wide open sands, beautiful stones and crashing waves.
I am also inspired by New York City neighborhoods, DUMBO in Brooklyn,
Soho in Manhattan. Soho inspired my black and gold glam collection.

Any layering advice in jewelry?

This year's trend is all about layering.
I love to layer necklaces and bracelets. I love to see a woman in layered bracelets.
My Black and Gold collection has many pieces that are meant to be layered.

Favorite color for Barbara Campbell NYC would be:

Black and monotone colors.

What type of women are BC women?
I can imagine already the bold beauty looks!

BC women set trends, they don't follow them.
They are bright, vivacious and bold. They are contemporary and many are fashionistas.
They are financially conscious, they seek quality and value.
They are diverse in age and race, and they are cosmopolitan.
She is confident; she likes to make a fashion statement.

this post is shortened a bit by editing.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

oh,taco! & interview with shoesofprey

found ohtaco! where they specialize in tacos, burritos and quesadillas etc.
first heard of this place from one of the professors at my school.
I really missed Mexican food and it was hard to find reasonable place
besides taco bell in Korea.
most of the price ranged from 8 bucks to about 12.
and you get this stamp thing for 10 bucks each and for 15th stamp, you get
the quesadillas free!
pretty good deals I guess (love collecting these kinds of offer cards, coupons)

오타코 라는 곳을 생활영어회화 교수님이 가르쳐주셔서
요즘 자주 방문하고 있습니다
(위치는: 부산 부경대학교 담벼락 쪽 골목으로 들어오셔서
제일 처음 닿는 골목에서 또 왼쪽으로 꺾으시면
바로 있답니다)

가격대는 8천원에서 12000원선정도?
만원단위로 스탬프도 찍어주시더라구요
15번째에는 케사디야가 공짜라고 하니
열심히 모아봐야겠어요 ㅎㅎㅎ

since I'm taking mostly the classes related to my major (in Eng. Lit.)
I have quite a lot of free time in between of classes
(usually 1-4 hours) so what I do is often go out and there are lots of
places to eat, shop, and to just feel the crowded atmosphere I guess
so I'm getting used to try finding new places for different kinds of food?
and for snacks my friend and I went to eat a triangle rice roll thing?
we ordered the tuna salad one (costed 1,800 won or about $1.80)

전공위주로 듣다보니 중간중간 비는 시간이 많아져서
요즘 새로운 먹을곳, 쇼핑할곳을 찾고 있어요 ㅎ
오니기리와 이규동 주위에 정말많은데
이번에 처음 먹어봤어요
가격대도 1,800원이라 간식으로 부담없을거 같았고
학생들에게 굿인거같았어요!

first time tried Japanese ramen (miso noodle) at centumcity (forgot the name of the place)
costed 6,500 won ($6.50)
was really good!

센텀시티에서 일본라멘 처음 먹어봤는데요
미소라멘 정말 맛있어요 ㅎ 가격은 6,500 원 이었던거같아요

and like always I wanted to translate this article with Shoes of Prey (for 1stlook magazine)
so you can also read them!
check out the original link at:

한글본은 퍼스트룩 블로그에서 확인해주세요
직접 만드는 수제화인 Shoes of Prey 정말 멋있지 않나요?

How did you decide to team up with the customers to design for themselves?

I'd been commissioning my shoe designs for some time,
because I could never find exactly what I wanted.
As my collection of fun, gorgeous shoes grew,
my girlfriends asked where I was getting my shoes.
I explained that I had designed them myself,
and started to commission designs for them too.
My two co-founders Michael and Mike were both working at Google and looking to get into online retail.
With the marriage of the two ideas, Shoes of Prey was born.

What's the utmost importance your brand believe in?

The right pair of shoes can make you feel like you can conquer the world.
Our shoes are beautifully handmade from raw materials,
and I love hearing our customers tell us about how fabulous they felt when they got to wear
their very own design.

There are some strong splashes of color.
How many colors are just about right to mix it up?

I would say three colors are enough as a general rule of thumb,
though we have seen some exceptions to the rule
that look amazing with more colors!

Any shoes from your line especially fond of?

There are far too many shoes from our collection that I love,
which explains my large shoe collection!
Today my favorite pair is one we've not released yet...
but, I promise to tell you as soon as we're ready to launch!

Shoes of Prey surely seems to be the great gifts.
Any advice for readers in terms of styling or any last message?

Shoes of Prey is the perfect gift-it only takes a couple of clicks
to order, and the recipient will be able to create exactly what they want!
In terms of style advice-have fun!
Enjoy color, texture and take a risk!
This season is a culmination of gorgeous color,
so indulge and enjoy it!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

birthday girl :) + interview with Natalie B. Coleman

my last week's nail do's

by the way just turned myself 22 (add one more year for Korean age)

저번주에 했던 네일룩입니다
아참 저 한국나이로 오늘 23살되었습니다 ㅎㅎㅎ

bought these lovely lipstick case + jewelry stand for 3, 2 dollars each
at a store called Daiso
(it's like a similar store to 99 cents store back in California)

미국에 1달러가게같은 다이소가 정말 편하더라구요
립스틱 정리함은 3천원에
쥬얼리 스탠드는 2천원에 구입해서 너무 만족스럽습니다

so good to see some American magazines again
didn't get a chance to read them just yet
because of new assignments (from school and for myself blogging and interviewing and stuffs)

오랫만에 미국잡지들 보니 넘 반갑네요
아직 읽을 시간이 없어서 아쉽지만
주말에 몰아서 봐야겠어요

also my lovely friends visited my school area for a surprise gift + for lunch :)
so good to have amazing friends who know me so well
guess what's inside the bags?

친구가 공강시간에 찾아와줘서
같이 밥먹고 선물도 주고
넘 감동이었어요
저를 너무 잘 아는 좋은 친구들이 있어서
너무 감사하네요 ^^

such lovely color 307 called organge fizz
haven't tried them yet
will show you the look right away of course!

307 오렌지 피즈 색상
발색력은 나중에 포스팅으로 보여드릴게요~

I missed these red velvets so much!

레드벨벳 너무 먹고싶어서 한번에 다 먹었다는

also received these lovely bracelets from Sal Y Limon yesterday
they are my two current obsessed colors of mint & pink!
do you think they will suit me? :)
I am so ready to wear them everyday and for a fact, I wore this one on top
today (just by itself, no layering)

SYL 인터뷰 기사 기억하시나요?
퍼스트룩 포스팅을 위해 소개해드렸었는데요
민트와 핑크 색상을 너무 좋아하는데
이런 예쁜 3가지 뱅글들을 선물받았어요
오늘 바로 이 제일 큰 뱅글을 착용하고 학교에 갔었는데요
매일매일 다르게 연출할수 있을거같아서
너무너무 신납니다 ㅎㅎㅎ

outfit details

UNIQLO plaid shirt
FOREVER21 cotton jeans
COACH sneakers
NO BRAND earrings

this one is for the 1stlook magazine's post with
Natalie B. Coleman,
as always here you go the translated version for all of you to read

이번 퍼스트룩에 올렸던 나탈리비콜맨과의 인터뷰 기사의

When I look at your prints, the accents are like bejeweled heaven.
There are so many beautiful clothes! What are Natalie B. Coleman women like?

NATALIEBCOLEMAN women are strong, confident women that appreciate their
femininity and have a playful humor.
They are independent and romantic with a cool sexy edge.

I love chic and functional clothes. Any fashion philosophy behind the brand?

The S/S 12 was inspired by the fact that despite my many years of love affairs
no man had ever bought me jewellery so I decided to draw my own collection!
90% of the fabrics for S/S 12 are ECO quality and organically dyed, they are easy to
wash and the color does not fade and they feel like silk on the body.
I create collections that are feminine and fresh with a strong narrative that always have
elements of humor to play with and are wearable.

What do you do on spare time? Any favorite reads on coffee table?

I love hiking and spend weekends up in the mountain range near my home.
I am currently obsessed with the 1964 film What A Way To Go with costumes by
Edith Gown. It is so frivolously bonkers!
Magazine obsessed and have book shelves all around my apartment covered in
Fashion Magazines I've been collecting since I was 12!
My current coffee table obsession is Diane Arbus.

What do you think are some go-to hue for this S/S 12?

Elegant navy and pale summer pink as seen in NATALIEBCOLEMAN and all brought
together with hand drawn and water colored jewelled prints!

My fashion tip for summer is all about flirty summer elegance and feminine fun
with humor! Enjoy

special thanks to & photos credit to:


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