Saturday, July 26, 2014



location: TheBay101
outfit details: MICHELLESHOP dress, denim blouse, BULGARI necklace, H&M sunglasses
photographer: SeIn Jang

Sunday, July 20, 2014

a luxe dress

Just received my first experience/order from FRONTROWSHOP.COM
This time I ordered a puffed dress in white.
It's a super light dress (kinda see through) so just be aware with that.
My advice is accessorize with bold statement jewelry, then you'll look totally party-ready.

recently one of my instagram followers asked me what size I wore for this dress.
Since this was my absolute first order from FRS, I safely began with an "S".
Usually I wear XS or S.
 I chose S because most of the time I think online shop items come out a little tighter.
This was actually just a regular fit. So it wasn't too tight or loose for me.
*FYI I have a petite shoulder line, small chest and waist


Feel free to ask about my shopping experience with FrontRowShop in the comments section below
It was 57 dollars before but now it's on summer sale at $39.90
What a great deal!
*special thanks to for generous gift!


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