Thursday, November 28, 2013

noteworthy scarf

loving my Isabel Marant Pour H&M gold scarf so much

location: cine de chef (centumcity)

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

winter wardrobe

location: Park Hyatt Busan

today's outfit is focused on this knitwear from stylerz (check it out here)
There are 2 colors to choose from: pink & blue.
Price is about 20 bucks (so cool I know)
I chose pink as you can see from the picture above.
It's bright, cozy, and so soft that you want to keep on wearing it until this winter cold won't bother you anymore
got to work on some video editing for projects at school now!
제가 사랑하는 쇼핑몰 스타일러즈 의 레인보우 니트에요 (클릭)
2만원 초반대인 니트라는거 믿겨지시나요? ㅎㅎ
넘 화사한 핑크가 피부톤도 환하게 만들어주고
부드러운 재질이 따뜻해서 히트텍에 겹쳐 입어주니 아우터가 필요없었어요 >.< 히히
정말 awesome!
이제 프로젝트때문에 영상 편집하러 전 쓩~
모두들 굿밤되세요 :)

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Friday, November 15, 2013

fur hood


location: Hollys Coffee near Songjung Beach
photographer: Sorim Noh

I ordered lemon whipped cream snow chiffon
basically it was a lemon cupcake with whipped cream on-totally my thing

this Belgian hot chocolate w/ marshmallow is perfect winter drink

took some selfies too
happy weekend everyone!

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