Thursday, October 27, 2016

elegant tea time

by the time now, you probably know that I am coffee/tea addict,
so I simply cannot resist afternoon tea sets (especially more when the place or the plates look super pretty & feminine)
Cine de chef is one of those places I visit most often for lunch courses and movies (offers the comfiest tempur mattress cinema in Korea haha)

The plates and cups are Wedgwood
I picked English breakfast while my friend chose to drink Earl Grey.
(There are only 3 tea options to choose from, or else is coffee.)


Monday, October 10, 2016

brunch gathering

skyfarmvideo from Michelle K. Lee on Vimeo.

location: The Skyfarm
All Day Fresh Kitchen

I can probably say that this is one of the prettiest brunch places in Korea.
Located on the FKI Tower's 50th floor with a view of The Han River (+ National Assembly), everyone comes here for brunch that means tons of IG updates ;)



I forgot to take a picture of the menu, so here are the official web and Instagram links:


Operation Hour: 09:00~23:00 Break time 15:00~17:00

My friend and I ordered king prawn pasta & Korean beef burger.
It costs around $20-$25 / person.


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