Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy 2012 :)

early message for you my readers,
did you all have a lovely Christmas?
Happy New Year :)

some photos I missed to upload these past few days

이틀정도 남았지만
모두들 해피뉴이어~!
새해 복 많이 받으세요
2012년 다같이 대박~!!!

요며칠사이에 찍었던 사진들 한꺼번에 업로드 할게요 ^^;ㅎㅎ

outfit details

SPAO shirt
BLEUDAME sunnies

on a KTX train
got myself some apple pie macchiato & rose chicken sandwich from
caffe pascucci

파스쿠찌에 애플파이마끼아또 완전추천해요! ㅎㅎㅎ

met my favorite bloggers
a.k.a urban bloggers :)

이날 제가 제일 좋아하는 블로거 언니들 & Tara 언니 만났어용

ordered the cream seafood pasta

크림 해산물 파스타 시켰어요
(@패션5 - 한남동)

iced latte!

I remember ordering caffe vienna from illy
which is basically a whipped cream on cappuccino
so I asked to put on some whipped cream @ the lounge
loveeee it!

일리에서 카페비엔나를 시켰더니
휘핑크림 얹인 카푸치노더라구요
그래서 요즘 가는곳마다 특히 라운지에서
휘핑크림 올려달라고 부탁드리는중 ㅎㅎㅎ
맛있어요 달콤~

on Christmas day my younger brother surprised us with
cakes (ice cream one for us and the normal bread type
in walnut, almond flavor for grandparents)
so sweet of him

크리스마스날 동생이 아이스크림케익(우리꺼)이랑
호두 아몬드 케익 빵은 할머니할아버지꺼로 사왔더라구요

맛은 체리쥬빌레, 크림치즈, 초코? 이런 혼합맛인거같았어요

think the flavors were some cheesecakes, cherry, and chocolate

wishing you all the best in upcoming 2012 :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

BB cream giveaway & some new founds

new giveaway opened to everyone!
BB cream (sample about 1/3 original size) for 1 of you readers :)

I bought Marie Claire Korea yesterday and received this as a gift that follows
but as you know from this post,
I have Hanskin BB creams because I'm a loyal customer of the brand
Therefore these two samples (1 fair color and 1 natural color)
and 1 more original size BB cream will be yours

*notice: the original size BB cream isn't from Marie Claire,
but from Hanskin & singles magazine in Korea

if you want to know, fair color is more like a highlighter, or closer to ivory
#2 natural is a litte bit tanner
so everyone will be different using this either you mix and blend them together (1&2)
or maybe matches with fair more or natural more?

now the rule is simple:

* like my facebook page

if you don't have a fb, then you can enter by

* following me on twitter tweet something like
"I entered @divalicious_m 's giveaway on #pinklemonincrystal"

if you do both, then yes it will be two maximum entries you can enter
(leave comments separately)

this giveaway is opened for one week and closes on 29th of December

마리끌레르에서 받은 한스킨 부록은 샘플사이즈인데요
정품의 1/3정도인거같아요
제가 정품들이 있는 관계로
정품 1통과 이 마리끌레르 부록 샘플2개까지
1분께 드리려고 해요

참여하실수있는 방법:
- facebook page 에 들어오셔서 like 눌러주세요

facebook 이 없으신가요?
-twitter @divalicious_m 을 팔로해주시고
멘션으로 "팔로완료: @divalicious_m 의 나눔이벤트에 참여. #pinklemonincrystal"
이런식으로 날려주시면 참여완료입니다!

두방법 다해주셔도 되는데요
대신 어느 방법으로 참여하시든 제가 알수있게
꼭 comment 를 밑에 남겨주세요
어느방법으로 참여하셧는지 각각 알려주세요 ^^
29일까지 1주일간 열려있으니 많이 참여해주세요~

I found a new restaurant near my house that has affordable priced menu
with quite various pizzas, pastas and appetizers

집근처에 가격착한 파스타집을 찾았어요 ㅎㅎㅎ

the place is called Rimini (@ NC Department Store)
and I ordered the special mare which costs about $11

Rimini라는 NC 백화점 (전에 2001 아울렛이었어요)
안에 위치한 곳인데요
저는 스페셜 마레를 시켜봤어요

outfit details
sunglasses DIOR
coat SUBI

all photos credit to

perfect finds at lemlem for those
who are going to have warm holidays in cities
or on vacation to wear some resort look :)

Asta oxford 1 & 2 $340 each
handmade studded bracelet $50
Ciru poncho $245
Mera Scarf $165
Merino Mulu Poncho $338
Lila Bag $213
Anna Hoodie $238

혹시 연말을 맞아 더 따뜻한 곳으로 여행을 갈 계획이 있으시거나
그런 곳에 살고 계신분들을 위한
추천 ^^ 에 더 많은 아이템들이 있습니다~

thank you all :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

weekend preview

preparing weekend posts at the moment
(will be busy with some relatives get-together's
& other duties to finish them all up this week!)
so I'll show you some sneak peeks of what's coming

주말은 조금 바쁠 예정입니다
그래도 포스팅은 빼먹을수없겠죠?
조금만 '미리보기'로 보여드릴게요~

firstly I will show you cute little pouch received from
(there's another present but still thinking what to wear it with!)
remember the earlier post of my recommendation to you?
they will have international shipping process and
translated in English pages soon in upcoming year of 2012!

최근 포스팅중에 주미네를 소개해드렸었는데요
주미네에서 받은 너무 깜찍한 파우치를 먼저 보여드릴게요~

I'm taking this beauty pills called "vital beauty" from CJ's innerb line
It just released this vital beauty line last month in Nov. I believe
It's great if you can consume it before sleep
with lots of water of course!
& it'll make your skin hydrated more
just like it explains on the cover here!
will show you how it looks like and specifically more what it does later!

요즘 CJ 이너비 (그 유명한 서인영cf!)
에서 나온 바이탈 뷰티를 먹고 있어요
자기전 먹고 자니 너무좋더라구요
많은 양의 물을 마셔주는건 기본이구요!
요즘같은 날씨에 딱인 이 제품 소개도
다음 포스팅을 기다려주시구요!

[뷰티쁠 품평단으로 받았습니다]

I already read this book when it first came out
but received the copy few days ago from
for review purposes
The book author is Korean famous singer, actress and the host of the show
"Get It beauty" @ Onstyle: Eugene (from a group called S.E.S.)

following gift included Rojukiss' pore tightening pack,
blackhead remover in oil type & some... serum like product

Amazing weekend to you all!
today I can't get enough of what I heard at the concert I went to
One of the singers sang Can you feel the love tonight
pretty amazing tune that shares happiness :)

이 책은 이미 첫 출시되었을때 다 읽었었는데요
라이프스타일러 try it 으로 받아서
다시한번 노트쓰면서 읽고있어요 ㅎ

로쥬키스에 포어타이트닝팩이랑 블랙헤드 없애는 오일타입이랑
세럼같은...그런 제품도 부록으로 같이 왔는데요
포어타이트닝팩이 제일 마음에 들었어요!

오늘 슈퍼스타k 공연자들 중
크리스티나, 크리스, 김도현, 투개월 공연 보고 왔는데요
can you feel the love tonight 이랑 2ne1에 lonely는
언제 들어도 정말 잘부르시더라는!
소름 쫙 끼치는 타고난 소울적인 목소리가
감동적이였어요 :)
모두들 즐거운 주말 되세요~

Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY swarovski necklace

hot chocolate + some cheesecake bites

겨울엔 핫초콜렛이 자꾸 마시고 싶어요
아이스초코도 좋구요 ㅎㅎ

few days ago I went to take a quick lesson (took about 20 minutes)
to make my own swarovski necklace

며칠전 스와로브스키 목걸이 만드는 클래스
예약 되어있어서 갔다왔는데요
20분만에 빨리 끝났어요

it was fast-paced because all we had to do was basically
put in all the crystals & pearls on the right places :)

빨리 끝난 이유는:
주어진 진주와 크리스털을 선생님이 가르쳐주신
갯수대로 제대로 끼우기만 하면 끝!

the mat holds them so they won't roll all over on the floor

이 매트는 신기하게도 펄과 크리스털 볼들이
흘러내려서 떨어지지 않게 고정?시켜주더라구요

this is the final made look!

다 완성된 모습입니다

It is perfect for LBD, black turtlenecks,
and or any outfits really

I think I'm going to first wear this when I will have a lunch or dinner out
with my cousins next weekend :)
do you have any suggestions for me to wear this with?

이날은 블랙 터틀넥을 입고 갔었는데요
블랙 계통에 옷이나 솔직히 어느 옷에 입어도
매력적으로 어필할거같아요!
너무 예뻐서 제마음에 쏙 들었어요 :)

다음 주말에 사촌모임이 있는데 그때 처음 착용해볼까 생각중인데요
어떻게 입으면 제일 어울릴지 의견 있으시면
언제든지 날려주세요 ㅎㅎㅎ

after that me and my cousin went to newly opened Hanssem
which is like Korean version of Ikea I can say?
we walked around all five floors holding onto each drinks
(mine: iced toffee nut latte,
& my cousin's: hot peppermint mocha all from Starbucks Christmas drinks)

사촌언니랑 끝나자마자 센텀시티에 새로 오픈했던 한셈에
이제서야 들려봤어요
5층정도 볼곳이 있었는데 각자 크리스마스 음료 들고
열심히 돌면서 여기도 좋아 이것도 좋아 하면서
돌아다녔다는 -

whenever I go take a look at some interior inspirations,
I always think that we won't get enough of more
rooms and spaces
don't you too? ;)

언제나 느끼지만
룸은 항상 모자라요
드레싱룸도 더 필요하고, 서재도 더 넓었음 싶고,

outfit details
DIOR sunglasses
ELFEE jacket

and on Friday
went to Collavini (italian restaurant at Paradise hotel)

while waiting my mom can't handle the icy wind
so she asked for hot water instead
I love lemons on water

by the way for Italian food lover like me,
this is food heaven
basically you order food from the main categories
and can eat all the appetizers just like a mini buffet

before you get what you ordered
most of the time you are already full from the buffet dishes :)

금요일은 꼴라비니(파라다이스호텔)에서 식사했는데요
이태리 음식을 완전 좋아하는데요
메인 메뉴 시키면 에피타이저 부페까지 이용 가능하니
메인메뉴 먹기전에 벌써 배가 불러요

this is my favorites from the buffet
always craving for more creamy mushrooms &
bacon asparagus

forgot to take a photo of my order
I got the vongole pasta
& had to run for a cab to leave earlier

hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

부페에서 제일 좋아하는건 크리미한 저 버섯얹혀진 바게뜨랑
베이컨 & 아스파라거스 좋아해요 ㅎ

봉골레 파스타 시켜먹었는데
급하게 저 먼저 약속장소로 나가느라
사진은 찍을 새가 없었어요

다들 해피한 주말 보내고 있으시죠?
다음 포스팅을 기다려주세요 ^^


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