Friday, November 7, 2014

Paul & Alice 2015 S/S (SEOUL FASHION WEEK)

why is this photo upside down? :(
these are some of the photos I took at the Paul & Alice show
for this 2015 Spring/Summer collection @ SFW
I fell in love with the green-matched looks,
pink (obvi) and the cut-out detail on the back
what it says on the inspiration board above is this:
"beauty that we can easily pass by or found in the forgotten place"
this is my best attempt in translation, though it's not that perfect...anyways hope you can get the message of what the designer says and worked it out in the beautiful clothing range below

video I made during the show!

what i wore
DS FUR sable fur key chain
by the way, that's my self-do hair dye on the bottom part of my hair
(It has to be pink, but it turned out really red oh well... better than nothing!)

what's better than my photos, of course the full collection video found in youtube!

songs I particularly liked in this show:
- Opportunity (Original Mix) by Brasstronaut
-Early Morning Champagne (Adelaide Remix) by woz
enjoy! :D

Tuesday, November 4, 2014



since last season, I fell in love with ARCHE (see my previous post here)
I love all kinds of clothes but especially floaty maxi dresses, like who doesn't?
so without a doubt, I was looking forward to this 2015 S/S collection by ARCHE again

This season, the theme itself is very London, hint hint- take a look at that invitation card
the phone box was printed out in dresses, red & white got along really well

one thing I didn't expect to see in S/S collection was this gray tone
I always assumed it was a F/W thing and S/S has to be about beige or very pink-ish and pastels. . .

but at this fashion era, all kinds of colors, fabrics and patterns are mixed up that there's no really right or wrong answers to one's outfit

anyways the point is I am always amazed and surprised by how each and every piece of clothing on this show looks so fab!

* also caught two of my favorite songs in this show (I know I do this in every show haha)
 'shake it off' by Taylor Swift & 'The Buzz' by New World Sound & DJ Timmy Trumpet

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

PartspARTs IMSEONOC 2015 S/S (Seoul Fashion Week)

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Just like the theme says, this collection is full of dots and lines, which can create various effects/circumstances

feel free to share your thoughts in comments as always!

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