Sunday, September 29, 2013

school life?

in between of classes, me and my girls always look for 'clean' & 'pretty' cafes or restaurants
near KSU area, many of my friends & professors visit cafe bonbon for pasta
If you love creamy flavor and steak pastas or pizzas, then you should definitely check this place out
Price range is quite affordable from around 14 to 20 something bucks mostly
경성대 근처 맛집 찾으신다면 이곳을-
카페 봉봉은 외국인 교수님들과 친구들이 많이 찾는 곳인데요
가격도 적당해서 좋아요
 특히 크리미한 맛과, 스테이크들어간 파스타나 피자 추천드리고 싶어요 :)

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Friday, September 27, 2013

dresses simply

DS FURS keychain
(coffee: coco premium )

trying to take a selfie from the top mirror
위에 거울로 셀카 찍으려는 노력 ㅋㅋ

we ordered the pasta baguette bowl because it comes out in both tomato & creamy ver.
토마토, 크림 파스타가 둘다 나오는 바게뜨볼 시켰어요~

outfit details
QUA blazer, pants
NIKE shoes
NAUGHTY CAT bracelets
*I'm wearing my brother's sunnies

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

all day long

with singer Ju-Hyun Ok who played Elisabeth so beautifully (love her voice!)
A week ago or so I went to see musical 'Elisabeth'.
It always feels good to be surrounded by talented artists,
and now all the songs I heard that day are stuck in my head
(can't help humming all day long, finding performance clips on youtube & notes to play on piano)
뮤지컬 '엘리자벳' 봤던 날 찍은 사진이에요
이 날 들었던 노래들이 머릿속에서 계속 맴돌아서 요즘 영상, 악보도 찾아서
흥얼흥얼 따라부르며 감동적이었던 공연을 떠오르고 있어요 :)

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Friday, September 20, 2013

I "heart" coffee

I love coffee as you all know...
so when I found this cafe/studyhall/theatre like place called "J Square"
I knew I would take tons of photos
to those of you who live in or interested in visiting Busan,
it's near PNU (Busan National University) area
definitely google it before you drive there because there's not much decent parking space
커피를 좋아하는 저는 들리고싶은 카페목록 중 하나가 바로 "제이스퀘어" 였어요
카페이지만 아트리움이 스터디홀로도 공연장으로도 쓰이는거같더라구요
부산대 근처, 지하철역과 조금 가까이 있었어요

I ordered the specialty coffee Dutch in iced-
저는 추천받은 아이스더치커피주문!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013


KOSOYOUNG (beautiful actress in S.Korea) has been always recognized for her outfit choices wherever she goes. Now she is a creative director of Kosoyoung collection which now launched in Busan at my all-time-favorite department store: Shinsegae in Centum City.
To celebrate its launch, there was a party-at around 5 hours ago-which I attended to.
고소영 컬렉션이 부산 신세계 센텀시티에 입점하게 되었어요
론칭 파티가 몇시간전에 있었는데요 밑에 사진들과 비디오들로 감상해주세요 



location: Cine de Chef (5th floor)

this fur coat was my favorite- pink lover?!!
핑크색 퍼코트가 제일 먼저 눈에 들어왔어요 ㅎㅎ

the best stylist & representative of "INTREND" PR in Korea Jung, Yun Ki
최고의 스타일리스트이자 인트렌드 대표 정윤기님

woman in that orange-ish dress is the one and only Ko, So Young
저 오렌지빛 원피스의 주인공이 고소영씨입니다

actor Kim, Sung Soo was also there
배우 김성수씨


what I wore to the event
LOUIS VUITTON trench & heels (not shown in photo...)
GIVENCHY earrings

stopped by Louis Vuitton to take a look at new jacket and sunglasses real quick!
파티 뒤에 들린 루이비통- 패딩과 선글라스들 넘 멋지답니다!


Saturday, September 7, 2013


outfit details
VANS sunglasses
H&M dress, earrings, wedge
DIY clutch

this was one of my favorite summer looks (I used past tense because it's all of a sudden so chilly here already, welcoming fall clothes like knits and cardis)
and now here are some of the shoes that I am so loving right now
if you were me, what would you choose? ;)
이번 여름 제일 마음에들었던 드레스 중 하나에요 :)
너무 갑자기 확 추워진 요즘은 가디건과 니트들을 찾게 만드네요
요즘 필이 확 꽃힌 슈즈들입니다 ㅎㅎ
어떤 슈즈가 제일 마음에 드시나요? ^^
  edgy chic

 I can imagine more of a polished look here

photos credit to & shop at:


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