Wednesday, March 30, 2011

today's inspiration: spring songs

back when i was about 7

i loved wearing sparkly glittery long dresses since i was kids

can't believe how i was so excited to get the half-hand size of ipod nano when it first came out
now all devices related to communication and music get replaced so easily
within quarters and 6 months it's quite sad and great to see the growing advance at the same time..

pastel colors back on my hands

i need more songs on my playlist
recommend me some great songs at the moment
or at a related theme to "spring" for me on my comments
or send me email pinklemonincrystal [at] yahoo . com

here are obsessions at the moment

frozen rock necklace $180
will look beautiful with crocheted, chiffon, lacey items

indigo mist dress $400

on-a-wing heels $480
such a perfect spring shoes
make you want to jump in a dancing & singing mood

sandspun maxi dress $400
for the beach

shimmering latice skimmers $240

starburst pleated shift dress $200

torsade peep-toes $180

all available at

instead of focusing for the wedding gowns
i looked for everyday appropriate
more spring-related lovely pieces from bHLDN
and i'm sure you'll get why i did and what i mean from these picks!

collier yes no

gold cherry
i have crystalized cherry earrings from other brand already
so thought this necklace would perfect with or without the match

L.A. necklace

all available at

I totally forgot to share this code
remember my post with feature?
if you love vintage and liked the products from VPV
you can get special savings with this code: 24HourSAVINGS
that means you have $10 to spend on single or multiple items when you purchase
enjoy :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

interview with Lumete

I always invest on great quality products
in shoes, sunglasses, bags and outerwears (jackets, coats, etc.)
because that quality can't be replaced exactly in that
depth of time and effort put in like making an individual art piece
especially if it's a handmade product

I interviewed Clara Herrera, creative director, designer & founder of Lumete (the other founder is her friend Barbara Warren)

hope you'll enjoy this interview and beautiful collections from
I've picked personal 7 favorite looks!
and I want nothing more than for you to learn from this post
that eye protection is the first key to consider when you purchase sunglasses

and then after choosing the right brand and store,
pick your design in terms of color, shape and sizes etc.

attic safari-golden sunset

1. How was the trade show at the SXSW festival? I've never been to Austin. Seems like such a great event I've missed!

Style X was awesome, and we had a blast in sunny Austin. We feel that Style X is the first showcase to truly merge music, indie culture and style in a single event, and we are extremely honored to have been a part of it. We connected with other amazing emerging brands, heard great music and met wonderful people from all over the world.

Style X is revolutionary in that it looks at how music and independent artistic expression is shaping Style, and it takes Style directly to the people. We also strongly respond to the core philosophy of the event. Founder Joah Spearman decided to call the event Style X, rather than Fashion X because there is an important differentiation to be made: while “Fashion” deals in trends and tortured schedules, “Style” is about expressing and differentiating oneself, creating a lasting individuality rather than simply following trends. In terms of our brand we strongly believe in this concept. We see sunglasses as a vital item in a women’s wardrobe and an important way to express her individuality. We create pieces that are unique and bold yet sophisticated and timeless.

Style X is a great way for everyone to have the chance to see the work created by exciting new brands as well as shop on the spot for the pieces they like.

attic safari-turquoise coast

2. What does your typical day look like?

As a small, emerging company, every day is different. We are handling everything ourselves… from design and development, to sales, graphic design, logistics, PR, accounting, or planning for shows such as Style X. So we’re always working, which can be difficult, but always interesting and very rewarding.

dramolete-silver mosaic

3. Do you do collaborations with others? Do you have any muses or people/brands you want to collaborate with some day?

Being one of the few independent eyewear brands on the market we feel much affinity and respect for other indie brands out there. We are shying away from actual product design collaborations as we are focused on establishing the Lumete brand and vision; however, we have been very open to other creative relationships, such as photoshoot or runway styling. For example, we recently provided sunglasses to summerwear line Cavortress, another emerging brand that showed at Style X. We have also connected with many creative people such as musicians and bloggers, as we love to create relationships with like-minded women who share our aesthetic sensibility. 

dramolete-teal shadow

4. Any countries/cities you want to visit?

All of them! Barbara and I love to travel and have been to many places, but there are still too many places left to name.

Barbara is lucky enough to have visited Seoul and loved it, but I have not yet been to Korea. I hope to visit one day soon! As far as Lumete, we are really hoping to expand internationally – we have shipped orders to countries all over the world, but we are still working on finding more boutiques to work with us.

oummaa-cosmos black

5. Any song of inspiration at the moment?

At this very moment we’re in a really mellow mood musically. We’re currently enamored with a couple of bands that played at SXSW. We’ve been listening to Rain Phoenix’s Band Papercranes and their new album “Let’s Make Babies In the Woods”. Another band we became obsessed with is Eisley, they are an amazing band from Tyler Texas and we can’t get enough of their lovely tunes. Their new album “The Valley” is beautiful!

ulula-blond havana

6. I personally can't live without sunglasses and that's why I've wanted to do an interview with you. For me I love the fact that the sunglasses give you an edgier look.
What do you think is the best feature about the sunglasses? Any recommendation for us to find that perfect pair?

Definitely, sunglasses are that accessory that immediately adds the coolness factor to your look. However, the best and most important feature of sunglasses is the protection (from the damaging rays of the sun) they provide for your eyes and the delicate eye area. Isn’t it wonderful that an item which is so necessary and practical also becomes the ultimate fashion accessory? This is why we love making sunglasses. To us they are a magical object: the perfect fusion of science, art and functionality.

It is important to understand that sunglasses are indispensable for eye health and even to keep wrinkles at bay, which is why it is crucial to buy a high-quality pair made of high-grade materials with quality lenses. To learn about what makes a good pair of sunglasses watch our video, [ ] where my partner Barbara explains in detail the difference between the high and low quality frames and lenses and what to look for when shopping for sunglasses.

We hear from a lot of women that they’re afraid of investing in a quality pair of sunnies because they worry about losing or breaking them, which is why Lumete sunglasses come with a set of custom-designed accessories to help you care for and treasure your sunglasses. Our aim is to inspire women to invest in quality and take care of their sunglasses, so that instead of buying cheap pairs (that are usually uncomfortable and get easily damaged) and replacing them often, they invest in beautiful quality pairs, treasure them and start building their dream sunglasses collection so they’ll have great options for every occasion, mood and outfit.

wanderling-cosmos black

7. And lastly, what do you think about fashion blogs becoming a part of the fashion industry, or like some say creating a whole new fashion world?

With social media and fashion bloggers like you, the fashion world is becoming a much more open, democratic and interesting place, where people can discover new brands and experience many different points of view rather than following the dictates of just a handful of print publications which tend to focus primarily on giant established fashion house brands. We are seeing the immense influence that independent fashion blogs are having on the fashion industry and we are thrilled to have launched Lumete in a time where this new and exciting digital fashion world is emerging and taking the industry by storm.

Check out and like lumete eyewear on facebook for more updates and where you can find to shop on and offline.

(special thanks & images credit to Lumete and Clara Herrera)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

edgy, classic, fab & glam in MCM

i'm impressed by all the cool collections and collaborations MCM is doing these days
all of their bags are getting transformed just more edgier and colorful
which i loveee

every woman/girl should invest in bags that are elegant
in such great quality that it can last forever
and be passed down to your daughters, granddaughters

it's good to have every trendy item for season to season
but i prefer the lines that are wearable and are one-of-a-kinds...

MCM X Patricia Field collaboration

who doesn't love gold glitters?

he's Dongho from a group called U-Kiss (from S. Korea)
he's a singer and an actor here (only 16 turning 17 this year)
i love his backpack can be seen on the left side both above and below pics
it's patricia field line (and I've heard that the line is limited edition
so it is definitely worth to invest in)
backpack in green
he carried it around all day long because he had two free days
from all these hectic schedules

love the color because it is very "in" the military trend
and i prefer carrying chic backpacks over the carriers just like Dongho did

also available in black
looks masculine b/c of the lion but also very rocker chic feminine because of the painted details

in shoppers
[i personally love shoppers so much because it is school-appropriate and also for work & travels
definitely an everyday bag]

also recommends this weekend bag for mens line
doesn't look too stiff because as you can see
the bag is structured so sleek and softly
looks kind of light-weighted but will have to check it out yourself to see if it is
if the bag is heavy by itself, then it will just make the travel and work harder

i prefer everything carry-ons in darker shades
because lighter shades can easily get marked and cut out by sharp edges
(a.k.a the walls, your pen, bracelets' gems, and all the busy people running into each others on the streets in rush hours]

just love the leopard backpack so much
it is perfect because the gold details are there
without them can be looked overdone

from spring 11 line
want that blue one
[as you all know blue is one of the hottest color this season
seen from celine clutches in so many fashionistas' hands
and all the aquamarine shades from makeups etc.]

also from ss11 line
at first i thought it was a tank
but it's a bag and i like it even more
i would wear it with a maxidress, jumpsuit, romper, or with a bikinis
and remember the orange net jacket seen from January post 
of "can't live without music?"

worn with this kind of light chiffon tunic (mine is from H&M)
will look perfect too

[this pic. is from an article back last summer
he's Dongho worked as a daily chef for a program called "Chef's Kiss"
I went with my aunt to check out his tuna steak
was soooo good!]

candy colors

this looks more sophisticated and polished
[for well thought-out outfits
& perfectionists]

leighton meester and marvin scott jarrett

i want a bigger MCM doll :)

f/w 10 line
i would wear this kind with a knitted sweater & bold leather pants
or with furry outerwear to a short/long dress

in Korea every new year or for gifts
people believe that red brings luck and money?
so when you get a new wallet some will prefer red-ish ones?
but i prefer pink because it kind of faded light..from red too in a way right?
so pretty

i would wear it like a clutch
with this kind of outfit (of mine below on right)
or to take it alone or put in a shopper like
Michelle Trachtenberg

two Michelle's?

this is MCM flagship store in Seoul, Korea
in Chungdam-dong
basically this is where it's like a rodeo for Korea
all the main brands line up in elegant rows
the parties held at for launches and promotions

if you would like to check out the lines yourself
go visit nearest MCM stores
and get absorbed by the fantasies they bring :) enjoy!


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