Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 days, 7 inspirations

1) my interview article w/ Anna-Karin Karlsson published in Neighbor magazine
Neighbor is a Korean luxury lifestyle magazine
remember this post I originally published 2 months back?
I translated the interview in Korean and wrote a little background of the designer
and now it's out featured in Neighbor magazine for August issue
(officially out on the 1st of August but I got one yesterday)
so if you want to read what my interview was about,
click the link above (post) for original interview

The collection can be pre-ordered at
so check it out and see the full collection photos
they are so fabulous just like the fashionista designer herself! :)

photos credit to Anna-Karin Karlsson and Neighbor

2) shrimp fried rice
obsessed with fried rice even in this high heat of temperature + humidity (my mom made me this for lunch)

3) do you love bike?
I do, even though I may not be so great at exercise
but I do try to live my life in a healthy way
health + beauty = all connected
I can never go on a diet by eating just salad or drinking water for alternative meals

shirt NIKE
shorts FOREVER 21

4) Girard-Perregaux
WW.TC Only Watch 2011

this exceptional watch is going to be auctioned on
September 22nd, 2011 at Monaco profits donated to
research into duchenne muscular dystrophy

-titanium oxide used in the middle case
-tinted sapphire crystal used in the back case w/ water resistant of 100 metres
-automatic self-winding movement
-black rubber strap
-buckle folding in black DLC titanium

i so love luxury fashion houses
working for great cause/charity org.

photos credit to:

5) nonomuaks
such a cool party eyewear
especially love the pink of course

photos credit to & shop available at

6) voguetshirt
cute shirts perfect for bloggers like us & all fashion lovers
(basically everyone I guess?!)

photos credit to and shop available at

7) antoine peters "gets dizzy"

this collection seems to be influenced by the world's fast and speedy movement
they are quite experimental looks
if you want to take a look at the video
go watch it at

more info about the designer-
Antoine worked for Dutch fashion house of Viktor & Rolf,
and he is so innovative in fashion perspectives.

photos credit to: Antoine Peters and info achieved from Cream PR

Sunday, July 24, 2011

brunch w/ urban bloggers (Urban Space bloggers meeting)

my nail looks these days
used CND effect to finish off looking shinier
added some sparkles by putting on
glitter liners and nail stones

didn't intend to but my look became kind of

as soon as I arrived @Urban_Space
at around 1:40? (arrived kind of early...
originally we were supposed to meet up at 2 PM)
I saw these three products waiting for us
you can think of facial toner as the mist type,
shower gel great for cooling off summer heat,
& mask that can be used like facial scrub product
(all available at

there were originally 10 invited bloggers
as you can see if you count the bags
I was among 8 bloggers who actually came
(while waiting for others, I drank hot herb tea
since I was too cold at every places I went that day being too cooled
from non-stop air conditioning)

there are three types of toners
but the one I received was
it is perfect for those who have oily skin like I do
(and for others who have acne troubles-blemish)
I decided to use this as my body mist
after I take a shower I sprayed on all over my face,
legs and arms so I can feel non-sweaty but instead very refreshed
120mL it is 41,000 Korean won

body wash was very moisturizing and was great for detox
It is so affordable being 25,000 Korean won at 240mL
(what I love about every product sells at Urban Space is that
I can feel as if I'm at the spa using these products)

this product won beauty awards for home spa treatment already 6 times
great for moisturizing, peeling effect, softening
and for reducing wrinkles (I say 'anti-aging' needs to start as soon as possible)
the price is 63,000 Korean won for 120 mL

Pangea Organics promote
"Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative"
I love how the brand donates 5% of its sales to
(that's a lot if you think about it)
Women for Women International and The Jane Goodall Institute

one more thing I love about the place
you can test every product as you wish
and go wash your hands right away using Mistral hand wash
at the corners it provided with
(on the second floor the spa uses pangea organics handwash-in foam type)

look at all those jojoba oils :)

outside look of Urban Space
looks so beautiful with all the products displays
and the gardens' harmony right?
hope you can feel the message of all the
being pure, natural and organic these brands portray

what it says
1) every visitor gets hand treatment service
2) after you sign up for the Urban Space membership (easy process)
you get samples that works for your skin types/conditions

so after we were all met with each other (us bloggers I mean)
we walked the street across to find one brunch cafe
called "Oasis"

by the way one of the bloggers suddenly called ourselves
"urban bloggers" in a way to call ourselves bloggers for Urban Space
quite loved the sound

i ordered iced green tea latte

today's lunch pasta
(which was plain cream pasta w/ mushrooms and bacon)

let's take a look at all the food we ordered at our table
(most ordered french toasts and pasta so I'll show you
my side of table's dishes only;
we used two tables so yea you see what I mean)

pancakes are always better to be dipped into sauce
as you cut the slices
if you put the sauce the whole thing
it's too wet and spongey aren't they?

hawaiian french toast

scarf ZARA
dress H&M
sunglasses LOUIS VUITTON

the "how should I pose?" pose... ha...

thanks to Urban Space for lovely brunch & meeting :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

take a zoom in: something else

you probably saw this on my tweet (if you follow me @divalicious_m that is)
today my mom made me pumpkin soup
that side dish is also pumpkin fried in olive oil with a little salt and pepper
(it's really delicious, definitely healthier snack choice)

for pumpkin soup recipe
my mom just poured milk and pumpkin and stirred using a mixer;
boiled the juicy mix and ta-da there is our soup :)

today's focus on this post is w/
Something else by Natalie Wood
here are my favorite picks from the collections

the second and third looks are my perfect dream looks for travelling,
i love the fact that the color comibinations are held within just about three or less
(this is what I heard is the smart rule in dressing)

blame it on this hot red/orange tone for being it too eye-catchy
I can't stop myself falling in love with these pieces ;)

I think these looks can be great alternatives for those
who are sick of wearing tight jeggings, jeans and leggings all the time
and now wanting to change wardrobe into something more slouchy
but in a totally more chic way
(now worn with tights)

I am seriously in love with these three outfits
I've lost my words to say nothing more than just "wow"

photos credit to: Something else by Natalie Wood

(for my Korean readers, you can shop Something else at
Flow, Beaucre, and Mag n Mag)

for others to find nearest stores/online shops go take a look@

* told you that I have some news to share with you on twitter remember?
well one of them is that my first article written for one of the
Korean magazines (mainly focused on luxury, lifestyle, in that kind of topics)
is going to be out for next month issue.
it was one of the interviews
I've already done for my blog post here
sometimes before (I've already gave you too much hints,
now it's going to be so easy to find out who this article is about!)

when it's out for sure, I'll scan the page and show it to you
though it's translated in Korean I'm sure you'll see my excitement for this opportunity

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Pinklemonincrystal: your hot summer cravings?

1) Any hair products you're trying on this summer?
I definitely can't live without all kinds of mists from face, body to hair.
(for those of you who want beachy waves, you should get a hair mist)
but as of one thing I have to make sure I put it daily is
the one with sun protection factors

that doesn't just mean your sunscreen or base/foundation with SPF over 30
I even use hair conditioner with SPF
and hair moisturiser which is basically hair essence? also with SPF

I ran out of my SPF hair conditioner and just in right time
I received these amazing products from @Urban_Space
(this is the second week's event gifts from evo)

I want to first talk about
happy campers hard-working moisturiser
if you live in Korea it's 27,000 Korean won and you can buy it at Urban Space
(it's right across Galleria in Apku-jeong the road taken down from Caffe Bene)
or to those of you in Australia & in American regions
you can get the product here

This is a great moisturizer for a hair like me
who dyes hair non-stop and got weak, damaged types
this is a lightweight moisturiser resulting your hair with soft, smooth feel after you apply this

the second product is
casual act moulding paste
it's 33,000 Korean won or you can shop at here for Australia/America
it's a soft wax
I don't use hair wax for styling since I have got no clue what to do with hair styles
(i only trust others doing it for me)
but I have a younger brother (he's 17)
who seriously takes a lot of interest in a slight change in his new haircut and do all the time
he saw the package I received this day (on Saturday)
and took it right after seeing that I called it a "hair wax"
well... I was going to give it to him anyways
he loved the smell said that it smelled "good"
I asked him how he liked the product so I can write it in this review
he just simply said that
it was great styling tool for natural style

so I guess it means that
hard wax makes hair looks too "done" and stiff
while this soft wax has the right shine and hold factor to play around with :)

I know some of you are very interested in the ingredients used
there is more description on the pages so please visit the page and observe.
the products are really fantastic!

2) current accessories/jewellery you're loving the most?
I can't just pick one but this light purple ring I got from ALAND
is seriously so cute. I love the peace sign, star, green

I also love all the feathery earrings once again.

3) Isn't it time to show your nails?
yes I know I was too lazy to update how my nails look these days
this is my messy attempt of trying to draw American flag with my inky white nail pen
I think I need lots of more practice to make the even
or at least not too fat lines

I used pink instead of red so my nails look appropriate for summer :)

4) collection you're eyeing on?
I loved Pauline van Dongen's S/S 2012 collection
themed with "Kinetic Landscapes"

this collection was presented on July 14th at the Amsterdam Fashion Week.
I believe this was her debut collection and her works are so innovative and powerful.
I can picture independent and edgy chic women wearing these pieces

the twists from this collection represented to me the very feminine side
only the women can portray.
these twists look unbending as if they are to say that those women who wear this collection signify strong power

for more collection photos and info about the designer

photos credit to Pauline van Dongen & Cream PR

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mood of the Day: ...?

i don't know what to write for
mood of the day
it's too hot for me to think of anything

today was again too humid to take outfit shots
but instead I'll show you really easy snacks recipe
this is called "dduk bok ki"
Koreans use double d sound to emphasize d,
so if you want to pronounce it correctly
just read it harder

it's what we call spicy rice cakes
this is one of the favorite snacks kids and students take in between their runs to go to several schools, academies and tutorings (because this is sold just about every corners of the buildings near school and academies)

for me it's a great meal if I don't feel like eating the same kinds overlapping for two days (such as having pastas or bread for every meal. sometimes that happens)

actually it is my first time making one too
i learned it from my mom
this is really an easy version
not too spicy but sweeter version so kids or those who can't eat too spicy and hot ones can easily-grab-one-and-bite types

materials you need:
plain rice cakes that look like mine or little thicker,
hot pepper paste, sugar, and water, pan that's about it

1. preheat the pan and then pour about 80mL of water
(that's my measuring I'm just a starter cook so you will have to try several times and try making it in your pace and measurement)

2. put in about one fist size of hot pepper paste in that heating water and spread it out evenly (melt them all)

3. pour in lots of sugar (I did two fist size for this)

4. put rice cakes in and stir them all around
you'll know when it's about done
once you try cutting one of the rice cakes in half size
(this is where it explains why my rice cakes in that photo looks so small and short. I cut everything in easy biteful size)

if it's too hard = not yet
cut it out smoothly? = you're good to place them all in dish

it's quite easy and takes so little to make this snack
you'll be able to find hot pepper paste and rice cakes in Korean markets near you (there is Korean market just about every where Koreans live)


just finished eating while I was watching some music shows
and this inspired me to pick these four items
for edgier, more fierce looks for both on and off stage

americana bow crop $35

punk pony $35

studded headwrap $38

wasted youth WW2 Girls Vintage Jacket $85

all founds at and images credit to


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