Friday, August 29, 2014

Allure Korea September Issue

featured @allurekorea Sept. issue
to translate what it says, I'm giving out some tips about hair styling such as using hair oil on wet hair before you blow dry in cold air etc.
Feel free to share with me your best hair tips! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Young & Able SERIES

In this video, you will meet my friend Rosa Ng (founder and creative director of Young & Able at - to those who are curious, yes she's a real friend of mine from highschool. We are both from California. She moved to NY to attend FIT.
 She is really talented and has an experience of working at Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Jason Wu and etc.
Young & Able is trying to host a monthlong shopping experience curated of local designers.
To be able to do this, Young & Able needs $11,500.
Therefore, the team started a kickstarter campaign at
You can be a part of this meaningful and creative event.
Please help out in any ways you can, whether it be $1 minimum pledge or simply by sharing on your social networks such as facebook,twitter,instagram or blog.
I believe this will be a real excitement for all fashion lovers and will mean a lot to the local designers.
If you pledge $10 or more- you get an invitation to the launch party.
$25 or more- eco bags, handwritten letters or coffee date in NYC if you're local resident
$50+ handcrafted jewelry
$250 + limited to 3. Private machine knitting class with Rosa Ng
$500+ limited to 2. Lookbook/editorial photoshoot (must be based in NYC). Model and photo location are your responsibility.
Support their passion!
This project is only funded by September 20th, 2014.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

a good smoothie

Today I started my day with coffee smoothie,
more precisely, high protein almond mocha from smoothie king Korea
As you know me, I am pretty much drinking coffee all day long
but these days... I got aware that there are certain smoothies that go well with what you ate previously. I got this tiny pamphlet-slash-coupons from smoothieking that informs you
what smoothie is a healthy option for you after you consume hamburger, cakes, coffee and/or such etc.
So in my case, high protein almond mocha was the right one.
It tastes good and makes you full right away, so it could be a great breakfast alternative if you are running late to school or works.
other things you see above: I bought this amazing looking earcuffs from H&M since I had some discount code to use in the store, got myself a sample of Jo Malone's Wood Sage & Sea Salt (new fragrance launching on the 22nd here in Koreatime)



Friday, August 15, 2014

cupcake wishlist

two of my favorite dessert choices are always macarons & cupcakes
it's no surprise for a lady to stop by a cake house admiring all the decorative cake stands right?
"everydaycupcake" has such varieties of pretty looking pieces
I picked two kinds this day, baby choux & vanilla cupcakes
both are obviously very pink-y
plates and cups are Wedgwood

hope you all have a lovely weekend!
(It's Friday nighttime here in Korea)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Brunch

last Sunday (two days ago) I had a photoshoot with allure Korea
sadly I was too busy to take my own photos with me,
so before I get my official shots here is #selfie taken right after the shoot :)
before heading to the studio, I had a big brunch
@ 10 corso como seoul
enjoy the photos!

orange + grapefruit juice


oven-baked mozzarella cheese, paprika, basil panini

nice warm coffee for rainy day

& the famous cotton candy affogato


Saturday, August 9, 2014

I will always love

recently discovered this pretty-looking macarons called
"Horangcaron" 호랑카롱 in Korea.
I was browsing the feeds and hashtags on instagram and found these massively popular macarons, so far as I know... these only sell in fewly selected cafes and occasionally sell in open markets for reserved sets.
I finally got in my hands these 12 pieces and literally finished them all in two minutes.
Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, August 1, 2014

well-deserved love

I found a newly opened restaurant "LABLE" located right in front of the Haeundae Beach
Cool fact: price = super affordable
LABLE means 'Our LAB to your TABLE '
the whole meaning is to bring you great time, service, and food
(weekday lunch includes complimentary organic salad & coffee.
this restaurant is closed on Mondays.
Make reservations before!)




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