Saturday, January 26, 2013

cosmetic obsession

My cosmetic obsession these days is
hair chalk from stylenanda.
It simply changes hair color just like many bloggers and celebs you can see
dyed in beautiful gradation.
It's easy to use
the only warning or side effect is if you wear something light colored outfits,
then the colors will fade on your shirt.

요즘 푹 빠져있는 스타일난다 헤어초크
많은 연예인들이나 해외 블로거들이 사용한 모습은
익히 봐왔는데요
그만큼 쉽게 사용할 수 있어 그런거 같아요
하지만 단점은 한가지, 쉽게 물이 빠지니 연한 색 옷은 피하셔야 됩니다!

I bought the 12 colors range.
I don't think I'll need black or brown ...

12색상 세트를 사봤는데요
검정이나 갈색 계열은 왠지 안쓸거같다는...

first day tried in purple

처음 시도는 보라색으로 해보았어요

the colors faded out a bit in the afternoon
but when you're under the proper lighting,
you can see the colors clearly

오후에는 조금 색이 빠진 듯한 느낌도 있지만
적당한 불빛 밑에 있으면
색상이 아주 잘 보인답니다

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

always amazing

photos by Jieun Kim

It always feels nice talking to and taking photos with Jieun.
I first met her over the bloggers' get together for beauty related events.
& I am so grateful for the fact that I have met and gained relationships with great people.
She takes amazing photos and videos. So inspirational!

좋은 사람들을 만나면 기분이 너무 좋죠
지은언니도 저에겐 그렇습니다 ㅎㅎ
항상 언니가 포스팅하는 사진, 영상들이 너무 아름다워서
영감이 팍팍 되어주는 언니와
부산에서 찍은 사진들 올립니다~

Thursday, January 10, 2013

DS FURS limited edition for 2013

location: cine de chef in Centumcity (Busan)

forgot to share some photos taken at DS FURS event

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 party (supposedly)

photographer: Narang Heo

location: terrace cafe in Novotel Ambassador Hotel (Busan)

outfit details

ELFEE jacket
UNIQLO shirt
NAOMI dress
BULGARI sunglasses

this was in December right before taking finals
met up with some of my favorite girls to have an entire day to ourselves
celebrating the end of the year and welcoming the new one

had to wait for some hours for my friends to arrive
so Narang (my trusted photographer & blogger friend from my univ.) and I
had some lattes and baguettes with cream for companion

기말고사 전 친구들과 신나게 놀기로 한 날 찍은 사진들을
이제야 올리네요 ㅠㅠ
아직 몇 친구들이 도착하기 전이라
기다리는 동안 스윗한 라떼와 바게뜨로 커피타임 가졌어요 :)


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