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Interview with Mallarino Bijoux

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I love pieces from Mallarino Bijoux representing modern & antique feel at the same time
this is the second interview for firstlook magazine
found at an original post here:

퍼스트룩 2번째 인터뷰입니다
한글본은 공식 퍼스트룩 블로그에서
읽어주세요 ^^

caroline bracelet

What does Mallarino Bijoux wants to portray in design?
Is it a realistic view or the dreamy presence?

Mallarino is a mirror of who we are: a mix of both worlds, our jewellery
and our style has the South American exuberance with that touch of
European sophistication. so I would say is more real,
although in both you can find magic.

cecilia studs

Distinctive feature about the line?

The technique!
Filigree use to be the way jewellery was made ever since the Romans,
today is almost impossible to find artisans who can manage
this ancient technique.

cecilia necklace

This season/collection's theme is:

Colombian jungles are breathtaking, a mixture of wildness and extreme delicate beauty,
it's a very inspiring contrast. Our pieces try to reflect that
harmony. That exact point between two opposing forces that combine naturally
to create something magical.

cristina earrings

If one has to choose one jewelry to wear (earrings, ring, necklace,
bracelet, anklet) what would you recommend?

Don't overdo it.
One strong piece and depends on the mood.
I tend to have a soft spot for necklaces.


When did you realize that jewelry was meant to be your start for designing?

The urge to preserve a beautiful tradition.
For centures the art of hand-sewing jewels in Colombia has been passed from
father to son, it demands extraordinary manual skills...
With the arrival of mass/chain production and cheap imports,
this wonderful savior-faire was threatened by the minute.


Do you like to be with people for inspirations or put alone
and just naturally wait until they occur?

Both, inspiration comes unexpected, at the weirdest moments and
can be triggered by anything, a song, a smell,
someone's hands...

images credit to & special thanks to:
Mallarino Bijoux

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Trendy Curvy Girly said...

beautiful jewels, i love the caroline bracelet !

Marina Di Guardo said...

ohhhh.....These jewels are simply amazing....
great interview..
ciao my dear Michelle!

Avielle Rose said...

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Bonnie said...

Great interview! These were awesome questions to ask.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Liz said...

I love that ring too! Sweet pieces of jewellery :)

Anonymous said...

That Caroline bracelet is just the cutest! Really nice jewelry you've presented here.

Caroline said...

What gorgeous jewellery! I love the 'Caroline' bracelet ( great name for it!) the bow design is lovely! :)

Caroline x

Tinacious Me said...

these are really cute, especially the cuffs!


yiqin; said...

really beautiful <3

JONG said...


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LOLA FINN said...

Wow! So wonderfull jewelery!!! I love it :)
ThAnk you honey :)

Ulia Ali said...

Beautiful jewelery! <3


Miss Woody said...

lovely things !

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

These jewls are definitely my style!! Great interview!

Unknown said...

wow all these pieces are gorgeous! I love the gold collar!

love from San Francisco,

Cléo de Lucca said...

Love this jewels!!!
Kisses from Brazil.

Cléo de Lucca

Sarah said...

I couldn't possible pick a favorite! I'm loving your blog girl, I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch! I love discovering new blogs!

Sarah xoxo

AndreiaSalim said...

Your blog is always so wonderful !!!:))
I loved this post !!!;)

Beige Renegade said...

wow these designs are gorgeous!! Great post!

Head to Toe Chic said...

Beautiful jewelry! I love it all.


Veronica P. said...

beautiful pieces!

Emilie de Vogue said...

nice :) jewellery is gorgeous! xx

Vogue Villain said...

The Caroline bracelet is so cute!

Lips N Stick said...

WOW, thanks for sharing and introducing me to this brand!!

Cristina said...

Hi Michelle,
You have a new follower Blog and Coffee. ;)
Lovely post!
Kisses from Spain.

MosaMuse said...

loving the cecilia necklace!

patty and lo said...

I am in love with this jerwelry...thanks for sharing this! The Cecilia necklace is amazing!

c said...

Lovely nacklace!!

Bee said...

ooh these are all real pretty!
much love from beemod..

KATEFP Fashion and Lifestyle said...

In love with every single piece dear, so beautiful *.* kisses,

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

wonderful jewelry! love the necklace :)


Fashion Fractions

El blog mery of the style said...

Hello, Michelle
Great interview..
Is so cute.

Joana Sá said...

Love the first bracelet

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Mimi said...

i love it! i love how delicate but full of character these pieces are. :)

<3, Mimi
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Night at Vogue said...

Really cute jewelry! Thanks for the comment!

Ethic said...

Lovely stuff!!!


Carolyn´s Photography said...

WOW! Very special jewels! My favorite..paloma bracelet!!


Clara Turbay said...

your fashion ideas are great!

Catherine Fishback said...

These are such beautiful pieces!!

FEST (a new blog about food, style & travel)


gotta love all of those <3

Jelena Zivanovic said...

Great interview hun, and so beautiful pieces!!!


Kate Lasater said...

Great interview. And the caroline bracelet is so much fun!!

xo Kate

Plami said...

The jewelry pieces are so exquisite and beautiful! I love <3


Raquel said...

AMAZING. nice blog
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Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Cute and lovely collection, love the necklace, Nice blog I'm following you, I hope you'll follow me back ;)

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So cuteee of these!!Love the last ring!!So special and I'm in love it!!

panpan said...

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