Wednesday, January 19, 2011

today's look: in Hard Candy

You can find Hard Candy in Walmart
Every item is within $10 or less
with an affordable price like this you wouldn't believe how amazing the colors are in variety and in cute forms
I've received glittering eyeshadow, plumping lip gloss and mermaid teal mascara
the colors were all eye-catchy and so I LOVE them of course
for the lip gloss, i applied some concealer on first and applied the plumper after
look at that naturally glowy and pouty lips
it has this breezy kind of numb-y feel like all the plumping gloss do
it feels like you are getting volumized lips by instance

the shadow, i thought it will be too much if i applied and brushed it with that liner
so i applied tiny dots across my eyelids and applied it with my shadow brush
therefore i got glittery shade just about in right amount

you can't really see it clearly in the pictures
but i applied mermaid teal mascara on one side
and on the other side i applied my originally black mascara first and then put on teal
both were about the same in color effect
teal color wasn't too bright to make you look costume-y for Halloween
but it was just a little add of pop color to brighten up the day look
the brush was thick reminding me of BadGal from Benefit which is one of my favorites
i love volumizing mascara for the fuller effect
it makes your eyes look bigger and clearly showing your eye colors

1,000 lashes-fiberized lash weave mascara in
divine purple, underground brown, primer,
midnight black, mermaid teal (mine), lush green,
indigo blue, heart throb pink


eye def-high def glittering cream eye shadow

plumping serum-fat pout lip gloss

all american girl, cake walk, dunes, girl next door, girly girl, jellyfish, life preserver, material girl, nude beach, pink lady, uptown girl





all product images from
check out their official page and go check out the colors for yourself at Walmart! :)


Fashion Mom said...

i am wondering if we have this in Belgium. great prices ! x

fashion doctor said...

love plumping gloss!great prices!


loving the hard candy gloss! i can't ever find Hard Candy anymore though, who still carried it?

Unknown said...

Love all the colored mascara! Use to wear a lot of Hard Candy when I was young, glad to see that it's still doing well!

Sophie said...

Lovely! I use hardcandy all the time :)

much lovee,

Sophie from

xx said...


M said...

I have a few of their colored mascaras and a tube of eye glitter. Call me cheap, but I prefer the $5 50 "color concept" makeup palette from CVS. More on that here:

I just don't like spending six dollars on one item, you know? I enjoying finding much cheaper alternatives (which is how I managed to get all of this for $1.80: Clothes, but still. :P

About Last Weekend said...

Have been loving all the lip gloss. I'm of the lip-stick era (over 40's) but think gloss can be so much more flattering, Nice to meet you, Jody

Amandamarie said...

i tried their eye liner once, it was pretty good


Diana said...

these products look so fun! and so affordable -- whats not to like?! great blog -- following xo

visit/follow me too :)

A.E said...

Hey, thanks for replying to the comment and following! It means a lot to me.
These make up products look like a lot of fun, i am particularly keen on that lippy, it looks great on you in the picture! Do you know whether they sell 'Hard Candy' in the UK?

Emilie said...

aawww I need glitter asap :D


Unknown said...

wow these look fab! havent heard of them in UK.

Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

Unknown said...

beautiful blog....i love cosmetic....I follower to subscribe to my blog....tks...kiss

Anonymous said...

I saw this the other day.....I must try it now!

Unknown said...

I like your blog. I follow it.

xy said...

Hello lovely,

thanks for your great and lovely comment :) that´s so sweet :)

love this post...great...thanks :)

with love
& a great time

Y said...

I wish I could buy it in Singapore.

Beny said...

the colors was alive darl, and the pieces was so cute!!!!!! xoxo

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Ray said...

loving the lipglosses:))))

michelle_ said...

seems like an awesome product !!!

glisters and blisters

Twenty.Something said...

Never tried Hard Candy...seems like some awesome products that I'll have to try!!

lipsticksandties said...

Hi darling, amazing post! We really love hardcandy!

Thank you for your sweet comment!

go on yo follow us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to check out Hard Candy!

P.S. I’m having a giveaway on my blog, check it out if you’d like:

Rebecca said...

I love Walmart reminds me of going on holiday to Floria, I'm from Essex in England so yeah no Walmart lol
Feel free to follow me it would mean alot

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this line of products, I don't frequent Wal-Mart, but I'm always on the lookout for a great lip gloss!

channy said...

thanks for your comment love your blog i will be following you

cassie min said...

i should try them out the next time i see a walmart. :)
if you like, check out my Guess Giveaway!

Samantha said...

Love a good volumizing mascara!

Thanks for your blog comment, visit again soon!



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